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Q: Why should I be vegetarian?

    M: I am vegetarian because the God inside me wants it. Understand?
       Eating meat is against the universal principle of not wanting to be
       killed. We ourselves don't want to be killed, and we ourselves don't
       want to be stolen from. Now, if we do that to other people, then we are
       acting against ourselves, and that makes us suffer. Everything that you
       do against others makes you suffer. You can not bite yourself and you
       shouldn't stab yourself. In the same way you should not kill, because
       that is against the principle of life. Understand? It would make us
       suffer, so we don't do it. It doesn't mean we limit ourselves in any
       way. It means we expand our life to all kinds of life. Our life will
       not be limited within this body, but extended to the life of animals
       and all kinds of beings. That makes us grander, greater, happier, and
       limitless. Okay?

                      Exerpt from the article "Why Must People Be Vegetarian"


    Q: What are some spiritual benefits that we get from being vegetarians?

    M: I'm glad you asked the question in this manner, because it means you
       only concentrate on, or care about, spiritual benefits. Most people
       would care about health, diet and figure when they ask about the
       vegetarian diet. The spiritual aspects of a vegetarian diet are that it
       is very clean and nonviolent. "Thou shalt not kill." When God said this
       to us, He did not say do not kill human beings, He said do not kill any
       beings. Didn't He say that He made all animals to befriend us, to help
       us? Did He not put the animals in our care? He said, take care of them,
       rule over them. When you rule over your subjects, do you kill your
       subjects and eat them? Then you would become a king with nobody else
       around? So now you understand when God said that. We must do it. There
       is no need to question Him. He spoke very clearly, but who understands
       God except God? So now you have to become God in order to understand
       God. I invite you to be God-like again, to be yourself, to be no one
       else. To meditate on God doesn't mean you worship God, it means that
       you become God. You realize that you and God are one. "I and my Father
       are one," didn't Jesus say so? If He said He and His father are one, we
       and His father can also be one, because we are also children of God.
       And Jesus also said that what He does we can even do better. So we may
       be even better than God, who knows? Why worship God when we don't know
       anything about God? Why use blind faith? We must first know what we are
       worshipping, just like we must know who the girl is we're going to
       marry before we marry her. Nowadays, it's customary that we don't marry
       before we date. So why should we worship God with blind faith? We have
       the right to demand that God appears to us, and to make Himself known
       to us. We have the right to choose which God we would like to follow.
       So now you see that it is very clear in the Bible that we should be
       vegetarians. For all health reasons, we should be vegetarians. For all
       scientific reasons, we should be vegetarians. For all economic reasons,
       we should be vegetarians. For all compassionate reasons, we should be
       vegetarians. As well, to save the world, we should be vegetarians. It
       is stated in some research that if people in the West, in America, eat
       vegetarian only once a week, we would be able to save sixteen million
       starving people every year. So be a hero, be vegetarian. For all of
       these reasons, even if you don't follow me, or don't practice the same
       method, please be a vegetarian for your own sake, for the sake of the

                      Exerpt from the article "Why Must People Be Vegetarian"


    Q: Eating animals is killing living beings, but isn't eating vegetables
       a kind of killing, too?

    M: Eating plants is also killing living things and will create some
       karmic hindrance, but the effect is very minimal. If one practices the
       Quan Yin Method for two and a half hours every day, one can get rid of
       this karmic effect. As we have to eat in order to survive, we choose
       food which has the least consciousness and suffers the least. Plants
       consist of 90% water, thus their level of consciousness is so low that
       it hardly feels any suffering. Furthermore, when we eat many vegetables
       we don't cut their roots, but rather we help their asexual reproduction
       by cutting branches and leaves. The end result can actually be
       beneficial to the plant. Therefore, horticulturists say that pruning
       vegetation helps them grow large and beautiful.

       This is even more evident with fruit. When fruit ripens, it will
       attract people to eat it by its fragrant smell, beautiful color and
       delicious taste. It is in this way that fruit trees can achieve their
       purpose of propagating their seed over a wide area. If we do not pick
       and eat them, the fruit will become overripe and will fall to the
       ground to rot. Its seed will be shaded from sunlight by the tree above
       them and will die. So, eating vegetables and fruit is a natural
       tendency, which brings to them no suffering at all.

                      Exerpt from the article "Why Must People Be Vegetarian"


    Q: Can vegetarians eat eggs?

    M: No. When we eat eggs we are also killing beings. Some say that
       commercially available eggs are unfertilized, so eating them is not
       killing living things. This is only seemingly correct. An egg remains
       unfertilized only because the appropriate circumstances for its
       fertilization have been withheld, so the egg can not complete its
       natural purpose of developing into a chicken. Even though this
       development has not occurred, it still contains the innate life force
       needed for this. We know that eggs have innate life force; otherwise,
       why is it that ova are the only type of cells which can be fertilized?
       Some point out that eggs contain the essential nutrients, protein and
       phosphorus, essential for human bodies. But protein is available from
       bean curd, and phosphorus from many kinds of vegetables such as

       We know that from ancient times till now, there have been many great
       monks who did not eat meat or eggs and still had a long life span. For
       instance the Ying Guang Master ate only a bowl of vegetables and some
       rice each meal, and yet he lived up to the age of eighty. Furthermore,
       egg yolks contain a lot of cholesterol, which is a major cause of
       cardiovascular disorders, the number one killer in Formosa and America.
       No wonder we see that most patients are egg eaters!

                      Exerpt from the article "Why Must People Be Vegetarian"

    Q: Please explain the reason for not eating or using eggs, and how do
       eggs represent life and death?

    M: Because egg is a symbol of life and death. In it contains life,
       yeah. And many of the black magicians or white magicians they use eggs
       to withdraw some of the negative possessive spirit within some people,
       yeah. Therefore, if we eat eggs too much we tend to attract this
       negative force toward ourselves. Yeah, that's one of the reasons why we
       should not eat eggs, hm.

                   Supreme Master Ching Hai answered on April 10, 1993 in Colorado, USA

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