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  How to Contact Us in UK
As fellow practitioners of the Quanyin Method, we -- the disciples of the Supreme Master Ching Hai, have experienced the hardships that one may experience while searching the ultimate Truth. We therefore understand how difficult and rare it is for one to find a fully enlightened living Master who teaches the highest Method awakening our inner inherent wisdom and realizing this Truth; the same Method which has been taught by all genuine Masters since ancient times, the ones like Jesus Christ, Shyakamoi Buddha, etc. ...
Having experienced profound benefit from practicing this Method, we established the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association, together with various of meditation practice centers around the world, to help spiritual seekers to get spiritual enlightenment, to get one-life-time eternal liberation, to find answers to various questions about lifes, about birth and death...

Contact details of all local centres in the UK and Dublin are as below:

London Centre
19 The Farmlands, Northolt, MiddleSex, UB5 5EZ
Tel: 44-208 8419 866
E-mail: londonukcentre@gmail.com
Contact Person: Ms. Zaina Anne Macneall
Tel: 44-7412857112 
E-mail: zainamac#gmail.com
*Nearest under ground station: Northholt of Central Line
*The centre is open to enquirers every Sundays (except first Sunday of each month) from 4.30pm and preferably by appointment.
All Master's Spiritual Videos,Audio tapes,Magazines and Books are available at the Centre

Directions from Northolt Station:

Once you come out of the station, turn to your right, very shortly you will see a stairway on your right hand side, walk down the stairway and carry on straight ahead until you see the house number 19 on your left which is towards the end of the road. It takes only 3 - 4 minutes to walk from the station.

Surrey Centre

1 Woodbridge,Chapel Road Smallfield Surrey UK RH6 9NW
Contact Person: Ms. Nancy/Shuqin Hou
Tel: 44-7555718966
E-mail: nancyhou.30#gmail.com
* Open for enquiries Monday to Saturday 11am - 3pm (except 3rd Saturday of each month) preferably by appointment.

All Master's Spiritual Videos,Audio tapes,Magazines and Books are available at the Centre

News Group
Fax: 1-801-7409196 or 886-946-728475

S.M. Book Department
Fax:1-240-352-5613 (U.S.A.)
886-949-883-778 (Formosa)
(You are welcome to join us in translating
Master's books into others languages.)

Spiritual Information Desk
Fax: 886-946-730699

S.M. Celestial Co., Ltd.
Taipei, Formosa
Tel: 886-2-87910860 \ Fax: 886-2-87911216

The Supreme Master Ching Hai
International Association Publishing Co.,Ltd.,
Taipei, Formosa
Tel: 886- 2-87873935 \ Fax: 886- 2-87870873

You may contact your local liaison fellow practitioners for more information, publication (books, audio/video tapes, CDs ... ) about Master Ching Hai and Quanyin Method, learn how to meditate and get initiation. They'll also keep you informed of Master Ching Hai's public lecture schedules, retreats, and some other activities.
The updated contact persons information is at:

You can write letters to our headquarters:
P.O.Box 9,
Hsihu, Miaoli,
Formosa, R.O.C.

P.O.Box 730247,
San Jose, CA 95173-0247,

or email your spiritual questions to:

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