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  What are Benefits of Meditation?
To reach the point of relaxation, so that we can enjoy what we are and what we have in any circumstances, and so that we can open our hearts and tolerate anything, and feel the God-nature in all beings, so that we don't look down upon anyone.

To reach the state of liberation achieved through one's own spiritual practice, when one gains the almighty power to deliver sentient beings, lacks nothing, and is able to give anything to sentient beings according to their needs.

To become a great being. A great being is one who has the demeanor, attainment, ability and wisdom to understand and realize things and reasons, and one who has the noble ideal of seeking liberation from birth and death, understanding the laws of the universe, and attaining the great wisdom and the Truth. Such is a great being.
Spiritual practice is not folding your legs to meditate. Spiritual practice begins the moment you have the thought of wanting to contemplate on the ephemerality of life, and to purify yourself into a perfect being.

We practice spiritually not to change the world but to change our wisdom. We change our concepts and thinking, and use your wisdom to change any situation that you feel is bad into a good one.

There is a kind of freedom, which, once we have obtained, no one can tempt away from us nor can anyone destroy it. This kind of spiritual freedom can only be achieved by spiritual practitioners. Once we have this kind of freedom, even if our bodies are confined or tortured, our spirits will not be affected.

We have to bring peace everywhere. We have to cultivate it within so that everywhere we go, we represent that. We are the peace, we are the Kingdom of God, we are the angel, we are the Buddha.

We should practice for the sake of wisdom alone, for the sake of knowing ourselves, for the sake of knowing the origin of our home and to be free, loving and happy. That's all there is.

We don't learn for the other people to know. We learn so that we know and that we can bless the world silently by our inner glory and inner love.

The sense of self limits everything. You cannot contain the limitless if you are limited. That's the logic of it. In order to become limitless we have to practice "self-losing", must practice the ever-present power of God. One must reserve some time daily to contact with this "Word".

If we are enlightened, all things become easy. We think fast, we do things quick, we react precisely at the appropriate moment. And that's the key of success.

We can benefit many sentient beings when we meditate; since our vibrations spread, we brighten the entire country and elevate the subconsciousness of the whole universe.
Q. What is the real practical purpose in our everyday life of following this meditation? Where will you lead us?
M. Yes, you see, because we don't use our complete wisdom, therefore we have a lot of anxiety, and we do things in sometimes not a sure way. And we are unhappy sometimes, and we feel many external pressures, and also frightened of situations.

So, therefore we are not peaceful and stable sometimes, doesn't matter which position or how much money we have. So if we find this greatest wisdom inside. We can do things better, clearer and we are more happy, stable, peaceful. So that is good for daily life already. Also we love others more unconditionally. All hatred and envy falls away.

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