Whatever I say with words are just concepts, to advertise the real
thing. For example, I can tell you that the cookies from England are
very tasty and aromatic, and the cookies are at my home.

When you have
actually eaten some, then I don't have to describe them to you anymore.
When you are truly ready to accept it, then I don't have to say
anything anymore. When you are truly enlightened, you will see light.
You will see your own "Supreme Master" working inside you.

You will
hear sound, which is the special language God uses to communicate with
us. You will feel more and more comfortable, more wise, more loving and
mote clear about your own existence.

The Quan Yin Method offers you an incredible power of communication. With it, you don't need a telephone. You don't even have to lift a finger or write a thing. As soon as a thought arises, the line is connected. This is the situation in the Pure Land (High Heaven). Others can instantly perceive your thoughts.

You don't need to speak or tell others your name. This is the state of the higher realms. If you want something, others will know right away. If you need something, the Lord of that realm will immediately radiate light to where you are and help you. Hes doesn't need to know your name, because in a higher level realm, names don't exist; and there are no individuals. All beings are one. Though we may manifest in different forms or show different spiritual levels, there is no intrinsic distinction among beings.
It is like a radio station that doesn't need to know your address. As long as you have a radio and tune in to that frequency, you can receive the signals from the radio station. It is the same with a TV station. It doesn't need to know your address, the size or brand of your television set, or when you purchased it. The TV station doesn't care which company produced your TV set, who bought it, or who owns it now.

As long as you tune in to its channel, you are connected to the station. Similarly, initiation is like turning on your "radio" so that you can conveniently communicate with the "station" every day. This is our intrinsic "telephone system". No matter where you live, you can communicate with Master whenever you think of me. You know it's true. (Audience: "Yes!") It is not me who goes anywhere. It's just that the frequency of the vibrations has changed.

The state of having countless transformation bodies is called Tathagata, which means "neither coming nor going", or "present everywhere at the same time". This is very scientific. It is just a matter of changing vibrations. In a scientific sense, light is a higher form of electronics. The common form is the electricity that is utilized under human control. However, when we touch an electrical device, the light turns on immediately by itself. That is more advanced, but the light is the highest state of electronics. Today, with great scientific progress, many things have become computerized or are controlled electronically. They use some form of light there.

Playing the traditional piano requires much manual operation. But today, we have the electronic organ. It is smaller in size, and can produce many kinds of music, such as that of the flute and the piano. Isn't that great? It is an electronic device. The music of the higher levels is similar, only it is even more advanced. It is so advanced that music comes without an instrument. This is the highest form of music, the highest vibration, and the highest state of electronic device. The inner light and sound are the highest state of electronics that the most sophisticated scientists have long been looking for but have yet to achieve.


Therefore, spiritual practice is the highest science. If you practice the Quan Yin Method with me, you will be practicing the highest science and logic. It is not a superstition or a prostration to deities or spirits for merit. It is not mysterious or ambiguous. One doesn't have to jump up clumsily or talk nonsense without even knowing what one is raving about. That is being possessed. What is Maya? It is a kind of power with little knowledge. What is Buddha? It is the one with scientific wisdom.That is all. The more we practice spiritually, the more we understand science.

If we only study science without practicing spiritually, our scientific knowledge will be limited.Spiritual practice will take us beyond science and ahead of scientists. They have been to the moon, but we can go beyond the moon. They wanted to make more discoveries and travel to more planets but without success.

The farthest place they can now go is the moon. They brought back some rocks and many scientists gathered together to study these rocks. [Laughter] They cut the rocks and studied them, "Yes! These are really rocks!" [Laughter] Then, more scientists came to have a look. They, too, saw only rocks. Even to the most gifted scientist, they were just rocks. It was no fun. They spent tons of money and mountains of effort. If they had put their effort, money, and devotion into spiritual practice, well, [Master snaps Her fingers] they would have (known lot of scientific things) and become saints in no time.

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